World’s Smallest Wal Mart in Kathmandu

Fake Wal Mart in Thamel

Yes, my “world’s smallest” statistic is about as official as this Wal Mart branch itself, located in the Thamel district of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. I never saw anyone shopping here, so it seems even a fake Wal Mart sign can’t get you customers when you’re selling the exact same products as several thousand other stores in Thamel. And in case you’re wondering, the website printed on the sign doesn’t exist; it’s probably just another brilliant marketing strategy to make the store seem more official.


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    Haha that’s really funny! Maybe they need to also put in the “we sell for less everyday” slogan! Kinda reminds me of those fake Apple stores in China!

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      I remember reading about those…except they were really convincing–even the employees thought they were working for a real Apple store. Somehow I don’t think this “Wal Mart” is fooling anyone….maybe you’re right about the slogan. It could help. They should add a greeter too.
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