Funny Japanese Smoking Manners Sign

Japan Tobacco Funny Sign

This funny sign is part of a brilliant ad campaign by Japan Tobacco to encourage “smoking manners.” You’ll see these things all over the place in Japan.


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      I always wondered that myself. Maybe the ads are meant to double as mini English lessons. The translations are actually pretty good for the most part, which is unusual for Japan. Or Asia in general, really. Usually everything just gets translated word for word and ends up making no sense.
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    I don’t understand what the sign means. :) But anyway, I think smoking manners sign should really be posted everywhere. I’m really always irritated with smokers… If they want to smoke, they can inhale all the smoke themselves… :)
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      I know what you mean. That person could have done anything–cure cancer, develop a clean and renewable energy source, etc–but they chose to use their genius to create these posters for Japan Tobacco instead.

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      It’s just asking people to be as considerate with their cigarette smoke as they are with their farts. That said, I don’t remember the Japanese being all that considerate with their gaseous emissions; not any more so than people elsewhere, anyway.

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