Japanese Add Faucet to Toilet to Save Water

Japanese Toilet With FaucetMost people are aware of Japan‘s high-tech toilets with their numerous (and let’s face it, mostly unnecessary) functions, but not everyone knows that most toilets in Japan come with a faucet and a little sink above the water tank. When you flush, the faucet starts running to refill the tank, giving you a chance to wash your hands without using up any additional water. Pretty brilliant. The toilet and faucet pictured here is pretty basic, but many restaurants have very elaborate and beautiful toilet-sink combos.

A few people have asked me if I knew where to buy one of these outside of Japan. I didn’t, but did some Google searching and wouldn’t you know it, they actually sell them here on Amazon.

Photo courtesy of Jacky Gronow.


    • M Ray says

      These are fantastic! I loved using them when I was in Japan and I’d love to have one in my home but haven’t found one; brought back a seat from Japan. The tank refill water (clean) goes through the facet into ‘mini’ sink allowing hand washing before it fills the tank. As for a lack of soap, studies have shown its additional has only a marginal improvement and in some cases soap actually impaired cleaning. Best practice was 20 secs of vigorous hand rubbing under running water. (Auckland University study). Any ideas as to where this toilet can be purchased in the US?

      • says

        I’ve actually heard that before about the ineffectiveness of soap, but despite that, my hands just don’t feel like they’re getting clean unless I use it. I guess it’s just psychological. And we’ve all probably been conditioned by hundreds of soap commercials and advertisements.

        I actually found a toilet bowl lid with a faucet on Amazon. I added an affiliate link to the post, since a few people have asked me if I knew where to get these.
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  1. says

    yeah… that idea’s great, but in execution, I always found it nerve-wracking when there’d only be a towel available (no soap) and people would consider that a good hand wash after using the facilities.
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