Indian Cow Eating Trash From a Dumpster

Goa Cow in Dumpster

A bull having a quick roadside snack in the small town of Canacona in southern Goa, India. In a country where cows are revered and rarely turned into delicious foods, there’s not much incentive for people to take care of them (not the males anyway). As a result, cows live a pretty independent life (I wrote a whole post about cows in Goa, as this is especially true for them) and it is not unusual to see a cow eating garbage.


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      You’re right, of course. I’ve changed the word. As for cows being a nuisance on the road, I can only say I’m very happy I didn’t have to do much driving in India. I only have two eyes and driving in an Indian city seemingly requires at least six.
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        You shouldn’t have changed the wording, its a great photo and you are right. I am not offended or anything. Indians are not Muslims who are easily offended. Indians are often subject to ridicule on things like these. Perhaps this is why India seems interesting where you can laugh without being arrested and beheaded for insulting the religion.

        Anyway, I often have to explain this. They happen to be regarded as holy. One reason is that “Krishna” happened to be a herder secondly cow’s milk is given to children hence considered as a mother. There are few others reasons.

        But I agree, its quite a spectacle to see. You need more than 6 eyes, some at the back to drive in India.

        Brilliant photo.
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