Marijuana in Madrid

Marihuana Store Madrid

Sorry for the misleading (yet totally accurate) headline and sorry for the disappointment—it’s simply a clothing store, located just outside the Plaza Major in downtown Madrid, Spain.

Not a bad name for a store though. I’m guessing they get a lot of disappointed pop-ins, but many of them might feel too embarrassed to leave immediately and try to cover for the fact they were just trying to score by browsing a bit or even buying something.

Obviously no one actually came to this page in search of information on finding weed in Madrid, since it’s illegal; but just in case, I don’t want to send you away empty handed: check out the Madrid page.


  1. Dano says

    Hi Guys,
    If somebody need real tight buds, a humble and real honest seller, and a great connect,
    Just hit me up at
    Good prices for O’z, only work with indoor, critical maxx, white widow, or OG Kush.
    Also, Hookups in Hotels, Home, no problem. Face to Face in Madrid.

  2. says


    We provide a unique service for actual or future visitors to cannabis clubs in Spain.

    Get connected to wonderful cannabis associations in Spain. We offer memberships of 1 year with our sponsors. You only need to be over 18 years old and provide an ID or passport at the reception.

    You will get our sponsor you into a private social club in Madrid or anywhere in Spain.

    Inside you may choose between different strains, ice, hash or even BHO.

    One year membership goes from 20€ to 60€. But any time you leave Spain it will freeze til you come back.

    (Memberships fees are different in each Spanish city or club).

    Plus side service fee for the sponsorship.

    Inside once you’re member:

    *Wide choice of indica or sativa strains.

    *High on CBD strains available.




    *Oil & cake too.

    Also for backpackers just willing to find source I may supply or deliver personally or with a reliable contact with a side fee.

    Our goal is to guide, advise, secure and ensure the enjoyment of every single one of our clients. We personalize every trip and listen to any requests.

    Cannabis tours are available if requested.

    For your friends visiting in the near future Spain:

    What’s up to + 34632867783


    -Green Spain
    Green Spain recently contributed to world literature by posting..By: PuredeadMy Profile

      • says

        Hi folks!

        We are glad to announce a new concept of cannabis clubs!

        You can have the best week or weekend of your summer life in Spain, with your partner or friends.

        Your ubication will be near the Arenal in a superb house divided in semi-flats.
        The sea will be 100 metres away.

        All accommodations share the garden lawn area and chillout zone with BBQ.
        We reserve the right of admission and do not accommodate children.
        Only guests are allowed at the beach house unless previous permission.

        The facilities:At the beach house are very functional to relax and do fun activities. In the garden shared area we have seats and dining tables with a BBQ. There is also a couple of beach chairs and an outdoor shower and changing room. We also have some equipment that you can use like: snorkling gear, beach mats, beach shoes, sun umbrella, beach paddle ball game, Frisbie, and beach volleyball. We also have all the necessary tools for assistance in all the activities we do around here. A driveway for transport of big equipment. And a jungle gym great for functional fitness and yoga.

        The activities:The area around the beach house is great to get your cardio by running, biking, swimming, kayaking, SUP or long distance paddling on a surfboard. Or doing psicobloc which is climbing and jumping off cliffs into the sea. Doing apnea by holding big rocks and running under water. Hiking new trails to discover beautiful wild and free places around the island. We mix it all up and keep it fun training in a healthy and motivational atmosphere with the innocent sensation of a beginners mind forever learning.
        Surfing motivates me and makes food, exercise, work and play mean something for me. All of these will work out your interior and exterior in ways that peace and balance will radiate all around you with positive results.

        Skateboarding, AKA Street Surfing, is a fun way to train. With the new Carver skateboards the sensation is like surfing and snowboarding. You can pump up hill and flow down hill. The area around the neighborhood is has many great smooth roads. And we have an e-bike for towing sessions.
        Mallorca its a fantastic biking destination for road bike.

        Also you will become a member of a cannabis club with the head office in the camp in Mallorca!!


        -Green Spain
        Green Spain recently contributed to world literature by posting..By: PuredeadMy Profile

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