Just Hanging Out and Chewing Some Watermelon

Bat in Bali eating watermelon

Apparently bats don’t just suck blood. Maybe it’s simply the red color, but this bat in the hills of Kintamani, Bali in Indonesia really seems to be enjoying that piece of watermelon. It also seems huge (the bat, not the watermelon), so maybe the locals feed it fruit to keep it full and keep its mind off their blood (yes, I know only vampire bats live on blood)…

This week’s photo was kindly provided by Diana O’Gilvie of Traveler Writer Filmmaker.

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6 thoughts on “Just Hanging Out and Chewing Some Watermelon

    1. Daniel McBane Post author

      Really? This is a famous bat? I had no idea! I’ve never actually been to Bali myself, only Sumatra. That explains why he’s so big though, if he spends all day gorging himself on watermelon slices. I get why he was reluctant to take yours–I’m sure he’s sick of it and would really love some insects or something…a little variety.
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