Karakul Lake’s Sawut: A Soon-To-Be Global Fast Food Giant

Muslim fast food at Karakul Lake

Move over McDonald’s—it’s only a matter of time before the Sawut Fast Food Restaurant takes over your spot as the world’s number one franchise. Let’s just hope they don’t forget their humble roots on the shores of Karakul Lake in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China and continue to serve only the freshest horse and camel kebabs.

The truth is, this place is probably the best option for food in the area. If you spend the night, you’ll likely stay in a yurt where dinner and lunch is included in the price. For any other meals, I’d go here instead of the overpriced Chinese hotel. You’ll find more info on Lake Karakul in this guide and more about China in general here.


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      I only saw them cooking one thing: skewered meat over hot coals. I have no idea what kind of meat it was, but the only animals I saw in the area were goats, camels and horses. They could probably make you some kind of burger, but you’d have to do without the fries. And the bun. And anything else except the meat.
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